For us, the health of the dog and cat comes first. That is why we make our products from fresh raw materials and sometimes when they are exotic animal species, it is supplied to us as a frozen product.

We would like to introduce everyone to this excellent food. That is why we invite you to get acquainted with our products by requesting a trial product.

In our own factory in Ossendrecht, you are always welcome to take a look and experience how we work.

We want to be particularly open about this.

If your dog or cat has a problem, we are happy to provide free advice, but you can also use our two graduated nutritionists, who can give you good advice after an extensive examination. There are of course costs involved, because laboratory tests are also carried out.

In most cases we can solve the cause of the problem for your dog or cat ourselves, without the intervention of a veterinarian and at very low cost. If you want to become a regular customer, we are often willing to solve it for you for free, depending on the products we are going to recommend. As a rule, a veterinarian is not a nutritionist and will therefore tackle a nutritional problem with medication, which will suppress the symptoms but will not treat the underlying cause, so the cause will persist and the problem will return. Often it is a result of a nutritional problem, e.g. diarrhea, itching, skin irritation, hair loss, red patches between toes, ears or the abdomen.

Feel free to call me to make an appointment so that I can advise you.

Henk Versluijs