Nutritional advice for dogs of the correct weight:

For dogs that have the right weight, so not too fat or too skinny, you give 20 g / kg of body weight of your pet. So the dog weighs 40 kg. Example: 40 x 20 grams - 800 grams of meat per day. That can be more or less depending on the age or the activities of your pet.

Switching from complete kibble to complete meat nutrition is a must

easy steps, can be done for 14 days.

For switching, it is best to use complete beef, you always replace a part of chunks with meat, this can be done e.g. by keeping chunk food in the morning and replacing the evening portion with meat food, for which, as mentioned before, it is best to take the Beef completely.

After doing this for 1 week you can go a step further, now you can do one every other day

give full portion of meat food.

If you have done this again for a week, you may switch to meat feeding every day.

Once you have done this, it is up to you to choose which type of meat food to take.